What Do Your Girl Friend And Search Engines Have In Common

By | August 4, 2020

What do your young lady companion and Search Engines have in Common???? (For no reason in particular nothing close to home) Web search tools: Record and positions your site Young lady companion says: Can understand you and rank you Web search tools state: Follow Guidelines Young lady companion say: Follow my guidelines.(I have my own rules) Web search tools state: สาว มอกรุงเทพมีเสน่ห์  Have Relevant connects to destinations Young lady companion says: Keep away from significant connects to my companions Web search tools state: Present a sitemap to find out about the structure of your website and to expand the inclusion of your site pages. Young lady companion says: Present a psyche guide to find out about you, your propensities and to expand the likelihood to stay with you until I get exhausted Web search tools state: Know your webpage is on the web. Young lady companion says: Educate every one of your companions particularly young ladies that you have a young lady companion now Web crawlers state: Present your site to significant indexes. just as to other industry-explicit master locales. Young lady companions state: Advise your families and companions that you are taken Web indexes state: Make a site with a reasonable chain of command and text joins. Each page ought to be reachable from in any event one static content connection Young lady companion says: You and your telephone ought to be reachable for me at any second. You should get the telephone inside a few rings Web crawlers state: Offer a site guide to your clients with joins that highlight the significant pieces of your site. Young lady companion says: Reveal to me about the numbers in your telephone directory Web crawlers state: Make a valuable, data rich site, and compose pages that obviously and precisely portray your substance. Young lady companion says: Give me more data of what you do. Unmistakably clarify what you will do regular. At the point when you return home depict what you did the entire day Web indexes state: Consider the words clients would type to discover your pages, and ensure that your site really incorporates those words inside it. Young lady companion says: You are in a difficult situation on the off chance that somebody look through you on the web and discovers you. Web crawlers state: Check for broken connections and right HTML Young lady companion says: Disclose to me everything about your last separation Web indexes state: Keep the connections on an offered page to a sensible number (less than 100) Young lady companion says: Have a sensible number of companions (less than 1) Web indexes state: Make pages for clients, not for web indexes. Try not to hoodwink your clients or present diverse substance to web indexes than you show to clients, which is generally alluded to as “shrouding.” Young lady companion says: At the point when you state, we are going out, ensure you take me out that night, dont delude me by giving re