Understand American Football – Basic Rules

By | October 31, 2020

American Football has been an interest of American’s for more than 100 years. The NFL (National Football League) is the significant wellspring of football in the United States and has been so since it converged with the AFL (American Football League) in 1966. The prevalence is developing year to year, and before any newcomers can start to appreciate the game, they should comprehend the essential standards and how the game is played.

Object of the Game

There are two groups, with each group shielding one finish of the field from their rivals. This region is known as the “endzone” and is the place where a group endeavors to get the show on the road when it is in their ownership. There are 11 players from each group on the field at one time and they are isolated into “offense” or “safeguard”. Visit :- 7m

At the point when a group is on offense, they are given 4 endeavors (normally called “downs”) to endeavor to move the ball 10 yards all at once. In the event that they are fruitful, the downs will reset to 1 and they will endeavor to move another 10 yards until they come to the endzone. On the off chance that the protection can prevent them from moving 10 yards after 4 endeavors, at that point their group will presently get an opportunity on offense.

The offense is permitted to toss or run the ball to attempt to move it into the endzone and it is the occupation of the protection to handle the player with the ball to the ground so as to prevent them from progressing.


Like most significant games, the object of the game is for one group to score a bigger number of focuses than the other group; nonetheless, in American Football there are numerous approaches to collect the focuses that make up the last score. Here is a portrayal of each:

Score (6 focuses) – this happens when a player from one group can cross into their rival’s endzone with ownership of the ball.

Field Goal (3 focuses) – if a group can’t get into the endzone, however it sufficiently close to have the option to kick the ball between the two goal lines situated at the rear of the endzone, they may endeavor to do as such.

Additional Point (1 point) – after a score, the scoring group can endeavor to kick the ball between the adversary’s goal lines to add one highlight their score.

2-point change (2 focuses) – after a score, the scoring group can decide to attempt to get the show on the road into the endzone again as opposed to kicking for the additional point. On the off chance that fruitful, they are granted two focuses.

Security (2 focuses) – if a hostile player is handled into their own endzone by the other’s group’s safeguard, at that point the rival group will be granted two focuses and are then given ownership of the ball.