Flyer Printing in Full Color Increases Response Rate

By | September 7, 2020

You may think that you are saving money by only printing your flyer in black and white or minimising the amount of color your flyer has but this can be a fatal mistake for many takeout businesses looking to save money on flyer printing. By cutting down the costs of flyer printing in this way, you are also cutting down the amount of customers you will receive. Customers will respond much more positively to a menu design that has been printed in full color.

One of the main reasons for this is because the images of the food will be much clearer and look much more appetizing in full color. High quality digital images with a high resolution and full CMYK color will look more appealing to potential customers. Black and white imagery looks dull, lifeless and is harder to distinguish what it is. Using bright and colorful professional imagery of the food you can provide for takeout services will be much more appealing to potential customers and make them seriously consider ordering from your restaurant. Customers will feel much more confident about trying new foods and more expensive options if they can see what the food looks like clearly with full color flyer printing for you menus. printing priority for postcards

If you are trying to save money by limiting the colors in your flyer printing you will only end up losing more money on potential customers who have gone elsewhere because the alternative menu they had looked more inviting. You may even find that people walking past will look at the flyers and imagery on your takeout restaurant and develop the desire to order takeout right there and then.