Applying Flowcharts In IT Audits Regarding Critical Applications

By | March 15, 2020

A flowchart can be extremely practical in auditing vital organization applications and even methods such as company resource arranging systems (ERP) and assistance oriented architecture (SOA) programs. As THE IDEA auditors we are concerned with getting a clear understanding of the potential risks and handles in the technological innovation under review. Flowcharts help a good accurate assessment regarding a good IT environment.
Based on Wikipedia, the basic description of an flowchart is a variety of picture that symbolizes an modus operandi or process that programs data in addition to its mobility normally along with arrows. The use regarding flowcharts is common inside many fields intended for investigation, design, documentation and even method management.
Flowcharts can be nearly all useful to visually display business processes and this helping technology. Auditors may concentrate on different aspects of records moves and facilities in these layouts depending on the assessment regarding threats and controls.
Occasions which can be captured in a good flowchart include files advices from a data file as well as database, decision points, sensible processing and productivity to a file or report. Risks and controls inside a business process can turn out to be documented visually and analyzed.
A number of basic shapes will be commonly used to create flowcharts. A courtyard is employed for a process (e. g. add, replace, save). The square with a good wavy base is made use of for a record. A precious stone is used intended for a good decision point (e. gary. yes/no, true/false). A new sideways cylinder is made use of for data storage (e. gary the gadget guy. database). These regular patterns were originally founded by means of IBM and additional pioneers details technology.
Added shapes contain circles, ovals and round rectangles for the start and even stop of a business approach. Arrows show ‘flow control’ between a source symbolic representation as well as a target image. A good parallelogram represents input plus output e. h. files entry from the type, display to consumer.
Inside creating flowcharts, there are some fundamental rules to follow. Get started and end points must be clearly defined. The levels of detail documented throughout the flowchart should become suitable to the subject matter matter matter covered. This creator of the flowchart ought to have a clear understanding connected with the process as well as the designed audience should be ready to follow the flowchart easily.
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All of us of THIS auditors, uses Microsof company Visio greatly to create flowcharts and to analyze company processes. A flowchart can be generally designed with usable columns which represents different divisions or maybe periods that are usually part of an total business enterprise process. Interfaces in between sections can be displayed whether intelligent or regular cable connections the fact that facilitate the particular company procedure.
Flowcharts may clarify typically the controls about data advices, processing and outputs. Insight controls may include things like modify and agreement checks. Handling controls can be in the variety of deal with totals or milestones. Result controls may possibly are made up connected with error verifying and reconciliations. Such a good counsel on a flowchart permits an auditor in order to discover areas within a new business enterprise process with weakened or even non-existent controls.
A example of technology the fact that can be grasped by means of flowchart analysis can be organization useful resource planning program like as Oracle e-Business Suite and SAP. Input controls are set through distinct ‘rules’ to ensure often the quality of information. Process handles are given to high-risk features, transactions or maybe forms. Outcome controls contain reports plus reconciliations.
A further example connected with complex technologies that can be understood through flowcharts will be support oriented architecture (SOA). This kind of architecture consists of quite a few web and software pieces that are integrated to help connect companies with assistance consumers. ‘Web services’ help specific business enterprise processes. Each and every of these web providers will generally have settings on data inputs, processing and output. The flowchart is essential to fully grasp such internet services in addition to their integration in a very larger environment typically with an Organization Service Bus (ESB).
In realization, a flowchart can easily be used by THIS auditors to investigate a business enterprise process. Different factors of typically the process can be emphasized such as risks, controls, interfaces, decision points, technology facilities and parts. Typically the famous phrase of the picture is corresponding to a new thousand words is accurate. A flowchart can record essential points that verbiage and text message cannot very easily match. We encourage the particular IT audit, risk in addition to control organizations to make use of this kind of powerful tool inside executing their respective capabilities.