2009 Oakland Raiders Fantasy Football Preview

By | August 30, 2020

Ahhhh my Oakland Raiders. I have been a deep rooted Raider fan and it just torments me to observe what my cherished group has become. The Raiders completed 5-11 of every 2008 leaving the Raider Nation with one more year of anguish. I have composed (and will keep on composing) a few articles about the Raiders possibilities as a group heading into 2009. For this article notwithstanding, I will analyze the Raiders exclusively from a dream forthcoming. In light of that we should take a gander at the dream capability of the Silver and Black for 2009.

Its a well known fact that I am not sold on JaMarcus Russell as a NFL QB and I am even less attached to him as a dream QB. To be obtuse, Russell has demonstrated me and individual Raiderไพ่ป๊อกเด้ง Nation individuals almost no in his 3 years in the group. Clearly, he has the gun arm however it takes considerably more than that to be an effective NFL QB simply ask Jeff George. Moreover, Russell has not demonstrated a very remarkable hard working attitude since the Raiders contributed essentially their whole establishment with him 3 years back. Honestly, I needed and still wished the Raiders had drafted Brady Quinn instead of Russell as I might suspect Quinn has all the devices to be a fine QB in this class for quite a while to come if the Browns ever give him the possibility. I simply don’t see that out of Russell and obviously the Raiders are getting worried also or they would not have marked free operator QB Jeff Garcia to “reinforcement” Russell. I have news for you parents. On the off chance that Russell begins gradually which is a genuine chance seeing like the Raiders have an absolutley severe timetable this year Garcia will be in there. Until Russell gives some fire underneathth his rear end don’t go anyplace close to him on draft day this August even as a number 2 QB.

As down as I am on Russell I am that high on the Raiders running match-up and in my assessment if the Raiders pound the ball throughout the entire year using the 3 headed beast they at present have on the program I really accept that this group can go 8-8. To start with, Darren McFadden WILL breakout this year to the tune of 1100-1300 yards and 12 complete TD’s. Depend on it. For what reason am I so certain about that? A couple various reasons. To start with, Dmac is simply excessively damn great. His tenderfoot mission was crashed generally partially to an obstinate turf toe injury that hampered him for essentially the whole year. Depend on it. As far as unadulterated ability McFadden is better than Chris Johnson, Matt Forte, and Steve Slaton. Also, Dmac has been proactive with respect to the previously mentioned toe injury by having the Raiders mentor place a steel plate in his shoe to help keep such a physical issue from happening once more. At last, battering ram pro Lorenzo Neal has been acquired by the Raiders explicitly to obstruct for McFadden and to help dispatch his vocation. McFadden is the genuine article. Draft him between the third to fifth rounds as a number 2 RB and watch him detonate.


Notwithstanding McFadden the Raiders likewise sport 2 other fine backs in Justin Fargas and Michael Bush. On the off chance that I am a wagering man I am imagining that Fargas will be the oddball this year. In the event that McFadden gets hot from the get-go which I accept he will Fargas won’t be seeing the field a lot. Shrubbery notwithstanding, will have a job in any case. The country saw precisely what Bush is equipped for as a sprinter in the week 17 finale against the Buccaneers when he scrambled for 177 yards and 2 TD’s in a game that Tampa expected to win to make the end of the season games and that at last cost Tampa Head Coach and previous Raider Coach Jon Gruden his activity. Had it not been for the wrecked leg he supported at Louisville Bush would have unquestionably been a best ten pick and the Raiders completely took him in the fourth cycle a couple of years back. Shrubbery will clearly keep on observing work this year as a short yardage/objective line back and don’t be hesitant to make an effort on him with a pick in adjusts 12 and after. With respect to Fargas, I for one wouldn’t squander a single out him on the grounds that except if McFadden gets injured for the current year I don’t see him putting any sort of advantageous numbers measurably.

Dissimilar to the Raiders running assault the group’s accepting corps is blurred with contention and question marks. Al Davis stunned me and the remainder of the world when he chose WR Darrius Heyward-Bey over Michael Crabtree and Jeremy Maclin. It is clear to me and every other person that actually the main variable that is important to Mr. Davis while assessing players is the 40 yard run time. I won’t get into Davis here as it isn’t the correct organization as this is an article relating to the Raiders from a dream forthcoming as it were. Does Heyward-Bey have any dream potential for 2009? Truly. Would I asinine him? Indeed, yet no sooner than the 13-fourteenth round and in the event that somebody like Maclin or Percy Harvin is still on the board I would take either in front of Heyward-Bey. Notwithstanding, from a dream perspective Heyward-Bey has a few things working for him. Initially, he is as of now the number 1 beneficiary in the group and Mr. Davis has made his aims entirely certain that he means to attempt to get the show on the road profound to the speedster directly as it so happens. On the off chance that you are in an association like mine who rewards you with extra focuses for long TD runs and gatherings than it merits a gave taking a late round flier on Heyward-Bey on the grounds that the theory of probability says that he will get in any event a couple of bombs from Russell this year.